Summit Talk

Alan Arnette is a mountaineer and a globally recognized inspirational speaker. He bridges the gap between real-life experiences on K2, Everest, or leading multinational business operations with powerful, actionable lessons. His casual yet powerful style brings audiences into his high-altitude mountaineering with incredible pictures, videos, and stories while connecting with them on a real-world basis. Audiences leave entertained, educated, and motivated.

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Alan’s Approach to Speaking

Alan’s mixture of high-quality climbing photographs and videos and his casual approach create a comfortable environment for any audience. His ability to connect to each person with his speaking style and presence helps everyone become part of the event and take away something special.

He is not the standard speaker with a tightly memorized script. He interacts freely with his audience throughout the event, welcoming questions and comments. Audiences leave with a sense of standing on the summit of Mt. Everest in the harshest conditions or sitting across from their parent as they slowly pass or deal with seemingly impossible obstacles. Sponsors are pleased that their messages got through.

Alan customizes each presentation for the event’s goals and audience with a deep commitment to every engagement and personally works with the team for a successful event.


Alan is self-represented and passes the saving on to his clients. His speaking fees are half of comparable speakers while delivering stellar results.